Mutoid Man’s New Single “Siren Song” Simply Kicks Ass


I don’t think I can be objective here. For a long time now, Mutoid Man has been kicking ass and too many people on this planet either don’t know they exist or have never heard them. And that’s some straight up bullshit — especially when they consistently put out bangers like the latest single, “Siren Song.”

Described by the band as a “straight-up rock n’ roll song, peppered with triumphant bass, stunning guitar runs, and bottom-heavy tones,” this new track “fucking slaps,” as the kids say. Along with their previous single “Call of the Void,” they’re quickly making the case that their first new album in six years Mutants is going to demand more attention from listeners when it drops on July 28 via Sargent House.

And I didn’t even talk about the accompanying music video! While the last single was live action and directed by the insanely talented and awesome crew behind Two Minutes to Late Night, the video for “Siren Song” evokes those old-timey cartoons that kinda hinge on the creepy, with a take on the myth of the siren singing a song that tempts sailors to follow them to their doom. Only this time, the story features an anthropomorphized bug, turtle, and frog sailing along rough seas as a trio of birds do their best to tempt them.

Honestly, Mutants should be on everyone’s radar. We’re now 2-for-2 when it comes to kick ass songs from the band in recent weeks and they have a track record that precedes this upcoming release. Check out “Siren Song” below, along with “Call of the Void,” and tell me you don’t at least feel similarly.

Mutants will release on July 28 via Sargent House, though you can preorder your copy today.

Mutoid Man, Mutants tracklist:

Call of the Void
Frozen Hearts
Broken Glass Ceiling
Siren Song
Graveyard Love
Memory Hole
Setting Sun

Mutoid Man’s New Single “Siren Song” Simply Kicks Ass
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