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Scott Stapp’s Latest Solo Track “Higher Power” is So Butt Rock You Might Get Pink Eye


There’s been a lot of chatter about Creed‘s return in recent weeks, with the band announcing a big ol’ butt rock cruise with the possibility of something more coming down the pipe at a later date. Who knows, but in the meantime we’re getting a new, so far unnamed album from Creed frontman Scott Stapp.

To be released through Napalm Records, we know this unnamed and unannounced album will have at least one song about God and Jesus and whatnot, as that’s pretty much exactly what his latest single “Higher Power” is all about.

“Life’s mysteries can be unraveled by listening to one’s inner voice. For me, that means leaning on my faith in God and listening to His voice to guide me through the struggles and darkness. For others, whether it’s through art, nature, science, family, or a combination of all, tapping into a higher power is an individualized process that requires an open mind and a willingness to flow with a force that’s greater than the individual.”

As you’ll hear in the track below, it’s grade A prime modern butt rock. This ain’t your daddy’s 90s and early 2000s butt rock either — this bad boy’s got some electronic elements interweaved with downtuned guitars with more than six strings on ’em.

Honestly, it’s almost unbearable how butt rock this thing really is. And you know what? It’s going to sell gangbusters and be all over rock radio in no time. Because guys like Stapp, the rest of Creed, and every other major purveyor of butt rock know one truth: there’s no need to have the most technique or be the hardest around if your end goal is making music you like while making fat stacks of cash along the way.

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