Halestorm Are Writing New Music: “I’m Excited About Doing Something New”


Can’t stop, won’t stop. Longtime rockers Halestorm may have just released album number five, Back From the Dead, last year but they’re already back in the groove of working on new songs. Frontwoman Lzzy Hale appeared on WRIF Radio to give an update on what the band has been up to and how songwriting is going for album number six (via Blabbermouth).

“ What we are in right now is the chaos of it all, whereas [we’re] not quite sure where the music is gonna take us or what we’re gonna be excited about, but I’m excited about doing something new and really just kind of accentuating certain moments. And especially considering we’ve been touring on this album cycle, we’ve been touring on ‘Back From The Dead’, and our live show has grown a lot during this album cycle, whereas we’re making these kind of physical moments. And we’ve been writing parts for in between songs and all of that. So I feel like I kind of wanna incorporate some of those things that we’ve already kind of tested live, that are original parts but don’t actually have a song to go to yet. So I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. So we’re doing that.”

Halestorm have consistently released albums in three and four year gaps, so it seems like they’re right on schedule to deliver the next album. Earlier this year, Hale opened up about her ability to connect with people via music and how glad she is for that.

“I think that as I’m getting older and with each album, I made it my mission to be more unapologetic about myself, about the things that I go through and be very honest and truthful about my triumphs but also the darker sides of myself. Because the more that you give of yourself to the world and to other people, the more positivity that you actually get back from everybody. And I think that that’s one of the most beautiful things about being a songwriter and being a lyricist is that you can kind of be a voice to the voiceless and you can be inadvertently there for someone, even if you don’t know them and you’ve never met them. So this is, I guess, what I’m trying to put out into the world. It’s very true and near and dear to my heart, and I’m just so glad that it can, even in a small way, help somebody else.”

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