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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Details His Past Meth Habit

The singer opens up on his abuse of meth and cocaine during Korn's early years.

There is Now a ‘Flying V’ Airplane

Guitars are passé... this 'Flying V' airplane is the future!

Photos of Ozzy Osbourne with Grown Out Gray Hair are Making the Rounds

The Ozzman has stopped dying his hair during the pandemic.

Code Orange Say Metal “Needs to be More Forward-Thinking”

"Right now I think it’s falling behind some other genres."

Disturbed Frontman Talks About Being Influenced by Korn and Deftones

Finally we learn where Draiman's patented "ohhh AH AH AH AH!" bark came from: blame Jonathan and Chino!

Fear Factory Asked Sarah McLachlan to Sing on Obsolete Album Track

The singer-songwriter best known for "Sweet Surrender" and "Building a Mystery" almost had a hand in metal history.

Finally, High on Fire’s Matt Pike Explains Why He Never Wears a Shirt

Finally, one of metal's great mysteries solved!

The Acacia Strain Guitarist Explains Why They Released Slow Decay Two Songs at a Time Over Several Months

Devin Shidaker talks about taking chances with The Acacia Strain's two recent releases.

New Website Randomly Generates a ’90s Festival Bill, Complete With Live Footage

If you're feeling nostalgic for the '90s AND bummed out that there won't be any summer music festivals this year,…

Disturbed Frontman on Past Relationship with Press: “What the Hell Was I Saying?!”

David Draiman discusses his tumultuous relationship with the press and his decision to quit Twitter.

Half a Million of MySpace’s 50 Million Deleted Songs Have Been Recovered

The songs had been accidentally lost in a botched server migration last year.

Corey Taylor Volunteers to Join Slipknot Tribute Act

A Craigslist posting reads ""We are in need of someone in the same or near same physical shape as Corey…

Rammstein’s Drummer Was in a Band with Two Spies in ’80s East Germany

Christoph "Doom" Schneider describes what it was like as a musician under the communist regime.

Randy Blythe Says There Will Never Be Another Metallica or Iron Maiden

"It was a different time, and there was a whole lot less music then."

Suicide Silence Vocalist Opens Up on “Severe” Backlash Against Self-Titled Album

"We took a lot of heat for the last album and the backlash was much more severe than we thought…

Video: Total Schmuck Screams Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” in a Walmart

Sh*t like this is the reason why Mother Nature is trying to wipe us out, people.

Photos of Singers from Tool Tribute Bands is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

14 different Tool tribute bands, 14 different Maynard cosplay nerds.

Mötley Crüe Annonuce Virtual Watch Party for The Dirt

The band and "special guests" will offer "special commentary" on the film via Twitter.

Check out This Orchestral Medley of Rammstein’s Greatest Hits

Includes "Du Hast," "Mein Heart Brent," "Sonne," "Engel," "Radio," and more.