Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned & Unholy: Fight The Demiurge + Ogroem


The theme of today’s “Unsigned and Unholy” is, “Bands That Are Way More Awesome Than You’d Think They’d Be.”

For example, if I told you that a twenty-one-year-old woman started her own one-person slam band, you might very well think, “Well, that’s got ‘gimmick’ written all over it, no way that’s gonna be cool.” And yet, Samantha Michelle Smith’s Fight the Demiurge is totally wicked. The songs featured on the project’s debut full-length, The War at the Edge of Existence, aren’t just the kinda tunes which will demand mandatory moshing; they’re also flypaper catchy.

Fight the Demiurge - The War at the Edge of Existence

Little wonder that MetalSucks’ own Sergeant D. — y’know, the dude who wrote that inflammatory article about how women don’t really like metal — has recruited Ms. Smith for a new song from his Enpedestalment project, “Hashtag bvbarmy.”

Listen to/download more Fight the Demiurge music here. Smith is also in a two-person band called Guttural Slug which is also pretty good!

Meanwhile, there’s Vancouver’s Ogroem, whose penchant for “clever” song titles (“Tool Time (Don’t Call Me Bro),” “Placentapede,” etc.) “Smoke Weed Kill Everyone”… which even has a run time of 4:20… etc.) initially make them seem like the umpteenbillionth jokecore band. Which may very well be true — but regardless, they’re clearly one of the good jokecore bands. PLACENTE.P., their, um, non-LP, is pretty damned funny (the opening track isn’t just called “Smoke Weed Kill Everyone” — it also has a running time of 4:20), but it’s also rad. This is the kind of grind that makes you wanna burst through your enemy’s wall, Kool Aid Man-style, and then skin that enemy alive with a carrot peeler.

Check out Ogroem’s PLACENTE.P. below, and download it here.


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