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Animals as Leaders completely lived up to my uber-high expectations at the NYC stop of the MetalSucks co-sponsored Summer Slaughter tour last night; they were positively phenomenal. What’s more, I wasn’t only person so stoked in advance and so satisfied after; the minute openers Vital Remains finished playing hundreds of kids bum-rushed the stage to jockey for a good spot for Animals as Leaders, and the enthusiasm for Tosin Abasi’s traveling troupe of troubadors did not abate throughout their set. Guitar geeks screeched at the opening notes of each song, heads bobbed along with each polyrythmic shift, eyes laid transfixed on Tosin’s hands of lightning, and last but most certainly not least, bodies grooved along with the pulsating, atmospheric soundscapes.

It’s so good to see that so many people really, really like this band. They deserve all the attention and praise they’re getting, and all too often deserving acts get lost in the shuffle of what’s hip or scene. Animals as Leaders are neither, but judging by the reaction last night I’d say they could cut it on their own headlining tour right now, and they’ve done it solely by playing things their way and their way only. “Fuck yes” for good music winning a battle for once!

Here’s Tosin Abasi playing through “Song of Solomon” in a video he recorded for EMG pickups (posted on Hopefully this will silence the haters who claim Abasi is just a fast, soul-less shredder; yeah, he’s fast as fuck, but LOOK at what he’s playing — there’s composition, forethought and most certainly soul behind those ripping quick leads. Abasi is one of the best guitar players in the world right now. Watch:


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