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A Day To Remember’s Homesick was hands-down my favorite album of 2009, and a big success for leading independent label VICTORY RECORDS. Combining the soaring melodies, giant hooks, and accessibility of pop-punk with the cock-smashing brutality and downtuned breakdowns of deathcore, their brand of easycore has shot them to the top of charts everywhere from Seattle to San Antonio!

In their latest video, the third single from Homesick, the members of ADTR take a more serious turn, departing from the carefree anthems and odes to suburban post-teenager fun that defines their previous singles. It depicts an alternative couple dealing with the struggles of a young relationship, doing their best to find themselves as individuals while maintaining their identity as a couple. Now that they are all 21 or 22 years old, you can see that they are about more than just having fun and moshing it up. I feel like they are showing everybody that they’re not just a one-trick pony, that they have some serious depth as both musicians and human beings — kind of like when Blink-192 came out with “Adam’s Song” and tackled the issue of teen suicide.

Pick up Homesick on iTunes, and stay tuned for their next album, What Separates Me from You, coming November 16 on leading independent label VICTORY RECORDS! Check out the cover art here.

-Sergeant D.

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