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I’m sorry, I just love this angel from heaven too much. This last vaguely-metal-related video is kind of amazing, because when it begins you think, “Oh, Neesa is gonna cover Pantera this time!”, but then she says “Not in this house!” (what does she have against Pantera, I wonder?), and instead does a vocal cover of… Seether. That terrible song with Ame Lee from Evansuckence. Oy.

I was kinda hoping her largely phallused boyfriend might join her to sing the dude’s parts of this duet, but, no, she does both parts. Thing is, when she really belts it, she’s actually only not terrible. (And by “not terrible,” I mean that she’s at least as good as Phil Labonte.) Amazing!

If you missed ’em, check out Neesa’s covers of Megadeth’s “Holy Wars” and Overkill’s “Years of Decay.” The only word I can think to describe her talents is “divine.”


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