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GENRE: Deathcore/moshcore
RIYL: The Acacia Strain, For The Fallen Dreams, Liferuiner

You may remember DEFILER as the band who made that ‘I WANNA SEE U CRY BITCH‘ video, in which the skinny little singer is dismayed because some girl broke up with them then there are a bunch of breakdowns. The video was hilarious (in an awesome way), but what caught my attention about DEFILER is that that song was actually really fucking good — especially considering that they were like 15 or 16 when they recorded it. I kept my eye on these kids because I felt like they were more than just the latest edition of ‘lulzy-core video of the week’ and in fact had the potential to become a legit, national-level band.

In a nutshell, “Nematocera” basically sounds like their first album, but better in every way

They are back with their second album, and this time it’s on Razor & Tie so apparently I’m not the only one who saw a lot of potential in them. If you didn’t like their old shit, you hate every band in their genre, or want to find some other reason not to like this then you certainly may not enjoy it, but if you put yourself into the shoes of a 15 year-old kid in mesh shorts who just wants to mosh his balls off, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. YOU’RE MOSHING.

It may be decades before a band can rival DEFILER as kings of ‘greatest contrast between derpiness of scrawny singer and super manly beast-ness of his vocals’ dept. Jake has the ability.

But the best thing about DEFILER is not their music, it is their value as role models for a music industry that is awash with buttmad, thin-skinned pussies who spend more time getting angry about trends in youth culture than they do on making music. Obviously, DEFILER got (and continues to get) a fucking ton of hate, but from what I can tell they are completely immune to buttmadness. For example, a while ago I did an interview with that crappy band VANNA for this dumb scene kid magazine I used to write for. The singer’s butt was obviously hurting very badly, because he started talking shit about Kids These Days and was going on and on about how dumb the line ‘I wanna see you cry, bitch’ was. I told Jake about it, and instead of writing a stangry tweet about it like the turd from VANNA probably did, he just laughed and said “I’m a high school kid and he’s like 28, why does he care so much about my lyrics lol?”

FINAL GRADE: 5/5 pairs of Suiside Silence mesh shorts from Third Degree Merch clearance section

-Sergeant D.

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Note: An earlier version of this article erroneously reported that Stereo Skyline are on Razor & Tie Records. 

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