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Women & Children: Stream Author & Punisher’s New Album In Full


Author & Punisher

I’m really falling for Author & Punisher, Tristan Shone’s one-man, mechanized, robotic metal attack. Yeah, the whole giant metal contraption thing is a bit gimmicky when you consider all the sounds are coming from a laptop anyway, but it’s a novel gimmick, and, at least for now, a fun one to see live. All that wouldn’t mean shit if Shone didn’t have the songs to back it up, and fortunately he does; Women & Children, his latest release, is blowing my mind right about now.

Although it was a solid album, Ursus Americanus, which came out last year, felt a bit static; there was only really one mood (angry) throughout. At some point between then and now Shone decided to expand his palette and really focus on songwriting, and Women & Children shows an incredible dynamic range from the dark, angry Author & Punisher of yore to industrio-ballads that could pass as Nine Inch Nails deep cuts. The songs are memorable, and getting through this album isn’t an emotionally draining, single-faceted experience. Stream the entire thing at Revolver right now.

Phil Anselmo recently tapped Author & Punisher to open his upcoming tour. Dates here.

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