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The “We Support Ian Watkins” Facebook Fan Page Must Be a Troll (Also: Worst Tattoo Ever)


Guilty of multiple charges of child sex crimes? 29 years in prison? Injecting a female co-conspirator with heroin for his own sexual gratification? Ain’t no thang! Fans of Ian Watkins have created a new Facebook group called We Support Ian Watkins. Here’s a quote from a status update on December 11th, one day after the group’s creation:

Like this if you will not stop fighting for Ian! Supporting Ian! Caring for Ian & Standing Strong for Ian! To our inspiration our saviour and hero! We will forever be by you’re side! Stay Strong buddy!

While the Facebook group is almost surely a troll by someone who thinks they’re being absolutely hilarious, it appears that at least one supporter is taking it seriously:

Olya Romanenkova all the russian Lostprophets fans with you)

Don’t worry, plenty of commenters are keeping things in check.

In other news, some wise-guy got a tattoo on his leg of Watkins’ mugshot along with the phrase “megalolz,” which Watkins used when talking to a female friend about the baby-raping incident and is also apparently a recurring theme in the Lostprophets world. From Metal Injection:


[via The PRP]

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