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Former Attack Attack! Vocalist Rosie O’Donnell Returns in EPIC SCREAMO Band Rosie and The Brightwells

  • Axl Rosenberg

Rosie and The BrightwellsKILLER news, bruh: former Attack Attack! vocalist Rosie O’Donnell has scoured Craigslist for the best EPIC SCREAMO musicians in her zip code, and Rosie O’Donnell found them (including, The PRP reports, “ex-For The Fallen Dreams drummer Arvin Sarathy” whomever the fuck that is), and now they are a new EPIC SCREAMO band, Rosie and The Brightwells, and now Rosie and The Brightwells have released their first song, “Constipation,” an EPIC SCREAMO epic about the perils of not getting enough fiber in your diet. So in addition to the track’s innovative riffs and completely authentic vocals, it has an import message, too, as is befitting any good EPIC SCREAMO epic.

Alas, Rosie and The Brightwells have yet to announce any details regarding a debut album or tour dates. So not EPIC SCREAMO.

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