Animals as Leaders Drummer Matt Garstka Releases Rap Video as “Dirty D.”


Chris Frognak or whatever that idiot from Attila’s name is recently released his first rap video, which has since disappeared from YouTube, so I can’t share it with you now. But I can tell you that it seemed like an earnest effort, and that it was terrible, and not even in a funny way. Just plain old regular run of the mill awful.

So Frozzie Bear should be embarrassed: Animals as Leaders drummer Matt Garstka’s deliberately-funny, “fake” rap video for his alter ego Dirty D.’s “Ratchet” is a billion times better than the Attila vocalist’s sincere attempt to be a rapper. Garstka’s flow is better, his lyrics are better, and he’s clearly satirizing idiocy, whereas Fritzastick is endorsing it. If Gartska ever releases an entire Dirty D. album, I will probably buy it.


[via Periphery’s Facebook page]

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