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Listen: Comet Control Is The “Future”


Comet Control

There’s a proud joke among fans of Enuff Z’nuff that the band’s 1989 superjam “New Thing” could’ve someday been a massive global hit if it had been passed off as the work of Oasis; it sounds like a brit pop gem with an overdose of whammy bar. Hearing it for the first time with no context or info about its creators, you’d first quiz your Anglophile buds or crack open an issue of NME to uncover its particulars. It’s an anomaly.

Likewise, Toronto’s Comet Control (ex-Quest For Fire) has unveiled a jam that might belong to late-era Stone Roses or Dandy Warhols gone stoner-metal. (Or maybe Tame Impala opening for Clutch.) “Future Forever” wears the brit-pop slouch well, the nonchalant melody and spaced-out ennui, the indifference to your perceptions and devotion to distorting their own. But it’s got the ultimate bonus: It’s heavy! Crank it here and a killer demo of “Blast Magic” below!

Comet Control’s self-titled album is out May 20 via Tee Pee Records. Pre-order here. 

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