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Fan Suffers Fatal Injury Following Stage Dive Mishap at Miss May I Concert


Alberto Scott

Update, 1:03 pm — Brooklyn Vegan now reports the following:

“Webster Hall says that despite what people are saying at Miss May I’s Facebook, the patron in question did not die while stage diving. The patron collapsed while exiting the venue, as video footage and the police corroborate.'”

Which clears up the explanation on the page raising funds for Scott’s funeral. What’s not clear is if the collapse was brought about by an injury sustained while stage diving, or as the result of something else all together.

Original story follows below.

Barely more than three months after a Swiss man died following a stage diving mishap at a Suicidal Tendencies show in Zurich, a similar tragedy has now occurred in New York City. This past Saturday night, May 3, twenty-one-year-old Alberto Scott (above — this is apparently his Instagram account) dove off the stage during a Miss May I performance at The Studio at Webster Hall in Manhattan; the crowd failed to catch him, resulting in a massive head trauma. The show was cut short and Scott was rushed to the hospital, but his injury ultimately proved to be fatal.

Miss May I have kind-of addressed the situation via Facebook:

“Hey everyone, we are aware of the incident that occurred at Webster Hall last night and will be posting a statement shortly. However, we are awaiting further information regarding the situation before we are able to make a full statement.”

Meanwhile, Scott’s friends have now begun to raise funds for his funeral via… although, somewhat interestingly/oddly, they provide a very different explanation for Scott’s death, saying that he “collapsed and died after dancing.” I can’t explain the discrepancy… maybe Scott’s friends were worried people wouldn’t donate if they knew his passing was the result of a stage dive?

In any case, even if you’re not a Miss May I fan, this is obviously terrible, and something that easily could have happened to any number of fans at any number of shows — hell, I’ve seen friends and random fellow concertgoers alike dive off the stage and not get caught numerous times. So, yeah, this hits pretty close to home.

We’ll share more details if/when they become available.

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