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Rarified Air: Comet Control On “Parade”


Comet Control Via totally random timing, the awesome new band Comet Control might’ve been subjected to a brutal test at your desk today. See, this afternoon you could’ve watched a new trailer for a gooey doc about the ’90s shoegaze genre; titled Beautiful Noise, it spotlights My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and The Jesus And Mary Chain, and maybe its 90-second promo launched you into a crank session for a pair of the era’s heaviest jams: Lush’s Split and Her Highness by Medicine. So possibly you were pretty high and pumped up — when the clock struck and it became time to check out “The Soft Parade,” the third jam from the debut album by Comet Control. (First jam here; second here.) That’s a tough gig. For is it not unfair for a new band to be charged with the task of following two masterpieces that seem eligible for a Sophia Coppola soundtrack and for the fringe wing of Decibel‘s Hall Of Fame? Does any music sound interesting to ears just battered by those two sonic warships? Can a debut album avoid seeming amateurish in even the distant wake of their sound’s Big Bang? Answer: Yes Yes Yes! Crank “The Soft Parade” here.

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