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Stream The Human Abstract Guitarist A.J. Minette’s New Folk (!) EP in Full


NobelIn 2011 The Human Abstract released Digital Veil, their magnum opus. Since then their storyline has been marred by lineup changes, public sparring and a general sense of uncertainty regarding the band’s future: they never said they’d broken up, but they didn’t say they hadn’t broken up either. When asked, even the members themselves don’t seem to know the status of the band. And then there was this promise of a new album coming in summer 2013, which in hindsight looks like it was indeed a sad April Fool’s joke.

So we certainly can’t fault THA guitarist and songwriter A.J. Minette from wanting to get the hell away from all of that. In February of this year we told you about his new folk duo Nobel and their song “Wild Dream,” and now we get to hear the full EP from whence that track came, The River’s Rise. Sure, this is definitely folk music, but it won’t surprise fans of The Human Abstract and followers of Minette’s career that it’s incredibly complex folk music, full of rich classical orchestrations. It sounds a whole lot like White Album-era Beatles, and I’m absolutely loving it.

Stream The River’s Rise here or below and order it here.

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