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Old Man Gloom: Listen to Both Halves of the REAL Ape of God


Old Man Gloom - The Ape of GodLast week, Old Man Gloom pulled off a prank of such momentous awesomeness that I’m sad we had nothing to do with it: they announced that their latest release, The Ape of God, is actually two separate albums, and that promo copies sent to the media (including us) were actually a third album created specifically to prevent leaks and keep the whole two volume thing a surprise. GENIUS!

So. Both albums are coming out tomorrow for really real, and now Stereogum and The Quietus are each streaming one, respectively. At least, I think these are the actual versions. For all I know, the band actually recorded a fourth and fifth album and the real albums will only be available as of tomorrow. Or we’ll all go buy those albums tomorrow and then learn that they’re actually the sixth and seventh albums, created to further throw us off the trail, and The Ape of God volumes I-VIII aren’t actually coming out ’til 2017. Actually, it’s entirely possible there was never any such band as Old Man Gloom at all. This really COULD be the single greatest prank of all time.

Listen to what may or may not be the actual Apes of God below:

[via The PRP]

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