Barbarians: The Darkness New Jam So Metal #IvarTheBoneless

  • Anso DF

The Darkness Last Of Our Kind

The music of The Darkness is kinda funny already, so the band might be toe-ing a line via their new single, a rock war epic set in the medieval times. It’s like the comedy rule which states that never shall there be a joke in the foreground and background at once. Still, it’s no issue to fans of really fancy songwriting and slamming performances. And more slamming are the ones on their upcoming fourth album’s if we’re to judge by “Barbarian,” that war epic, and by its Game Of Thrones via Metalocalypse video. It is the jam, and don’t get sucked into white-knighting metal like Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins is mocking your shit. What you’re detecting is his sense of humor and his rare caliber of rock genius. Awesome solo too. Mustaine could do an album like this. U jam?

The Darkness fourth album Last Of Our Kind is out June 1. Pre-order here.

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