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The Vegan Black Metal Chef Is Crowdfunding His Way Into Your Kitchen



Remember the Vegan Black Metal Chef, the corpsepainted fellow who taught us how to make Pad Thai and crush potatoes with a mace, all to the grim tones of unholy black metal? Did you ever wish that you’d some day be able to wage sonic warfare against humankind while fixing food that’s cruelty-free towards animals?

Well, here’s your chance. The VBMC is crowdfunding his own cookbook, titled The Seitanic Spellbook. The book outlines every recipe step by step, and includes scannable codes that allow the viewer to access videos of the dishes being prepared. It also contains a few basic pieces of information on the tenants of veganism and, most likely, black metal.

While it’s easy to think of this dude as another black metal parody, it’s worth pointing out that his Kickstarter campaign has, at the time of us writing this post, made $26,282 of its $35,000 goal, implying that there are enough people out there who want a book on vegan black metal food. While plenty of well-known bands have used crowdfunding only to embarrass themselves, this guy’s making it work. Gotta give him props for that.

You can donate here. Rewards include spiky dishes and the corpsepainted nativity figurines that are used in the videos.

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