Here’s What White Supremacist / Racist Varg Vikernes Thinks About the Migrant Crisis in Europe


Varg VikernesIf you’ve been following Varg’s rants and raves on YouTube channel over the past couple of years — or you read MetalSucks’ review of his very own RPG book — then you probably know what to expect from Varg when it comes to his views in the migrant crisis currently engulfing Europe.

If you guessed “Get off my lawn, you stupid towelheads!” you’re pretty close.

In Varg’s new video “About the ‘migrant’ crisis” (migrant in quotes? why? are the people fleeing a horribly oppressive government in wartorn Syria not actually migrants?) he essentially punts to skirt accusations of his overt racism (like this one right here), except to say that “people like me don’t need to say anything. Ordinary people have realized what is going on and they are doing the talking now.” He then redirect viewers to one such “ordinary person,” some crazy cat lady in Canada whose YouTube channel “Prepper Nurse” (lolz) has a whopping 1,700 subscribers.

Prepper Nurse’s take on the matter — and therefore Varg’s, via proxy — is that migrants are taking away jobs from Europeans and harming the economy by sending money back home, and that those fleeing Syria are not actually destitute people whose homes have been destroyed and whose families have been ravaged by war, but rich elites who feel entitled to a better life. AND OH MY GOD, THE MIGRANTS ARE PEEING AND LITTERING ALL OVER HUNGARY CAUSING MASS DESTRUCTION!!! THE HORROR!!! All in her hilarious Canadian accent which is impossible to take seriously.

But don’t take my word for it. Check it “oot” below and form your own opinions.


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