Unsigned and Unholy: Rebel Wizard


rebel wizard

Too often do we try to couch metal in positivity in an attempt to get the world to understand us. We make sure everyone knows that our love of dismembered corpses, deviant sex, and satanic black magic is all in the name of good fun, so they shouldn’t worry about us throwing up in their kid’s stroller. Fie on that shit! Down with positivity! Let’s get negative!

Thankfully, we received a submission from Rebel Wizard, a Melbourne-based one-man band that plays “heavy negative wizard metal”, and man, it’s both a lot of fun and seriously obsessed with negativity. Imagine Skeletonwitch with healthy doses of Midnight and Young And In The Way, and you’ve got Rebel Wizard. And while much of their music is good old-fashioned headbanger fare, it has a distinct, oh, negativity to it that makes you want to reaffirm all foolish pre-conceived notions about metalheads by running naked through the streets with a spiked bracelet wrapped around your boner while screaming, “The power of Christ arouses me!”

Enough pillow talk. Check out “The New Wave Of Negative Metal” from Rebel Wizard’s latest, Negative Wizard Metal below. Lame-ass shit? That’s a negative, good buddy.

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