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Ex-Morbid Angel Frontman David Vincent Has Gone Country


At some point all metal musicians have to decide what they’re going to do after they’re done playing metal. For Winds of Plague it was real estate sales and Uber driving, but for former Morbid Angel vocalist David Vincent, it’s the bane of many a metalhead’s existence: country music. Vincent will perform with renowned country artist Danny B. Harvey to debut what they’re calling a “Texas music” collaboration April 30th at The White Horse, a place that Blabbermouth tells me is Austin, Texas’ “premier honky-tonk venue.” They will be playing a mix of original songs and some country classics. This news confirms Vince Neilstein’s earlier theory that Vincent might be a country singer now.

I think I speak for many of you when I say that any time I hear the phrase “honky-tonk” I want to drizzle acid down my ears to get the dirty feeling out. Although I’m in the crowd that hates just about all country music, if this is what Vincent wants to do then good for him. You can’t be brutal forever and country music didn’t always suck a giant dick like it does now. So who knows, maybe he’ll put something decent out for people who actually like country. I still think he should bust out his Morbid Angel vocals at least once during the set though. Just for shits and giggles.

If you’re curious as to what Vincent sounds like in country mode, check it out below.

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