Bullet for My Valentine Fans Start Massive Indoor Bonfire at Russian Show


Remember last year, when over thirty people dead at a metalcore show in Romania where the club burned down? Man, what a cautionary tale. Hopefully, everyone’s learned their lesson about adding fire to a show at a metal venue!

Except nooope, because apparently the fans at Bullet for My Valentine’s recent show in St. Petersburg, Russia, decided they should start a massive indoor bonfire to mosh around!

Here’s some fan-shot video of the incident:

At least in the video, it looks like the fire gets put out quickly.

Meanwhile, Bullet for My Valentine posted the following to their Instagram, in which they commended fans for this display and then told them not to do this kind of shit anymore:

Is that a very cool picture? Yeah, sure. But as the band notes, this could have turned out very, very badly. We know nothing about the venue at which the show took place, but come on, any structure in any city–especially a city as old as St. Petersburg–could easily go up in flames, resulting in a lot of charred bodies.

I’m sure a lot of fans are going to lament the loss of a time when metal concerts were kuh-raaazy, but I can’t stress this enough: guys, don’t light fucking fires at indoor shows. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up looking like jerky with teeth.

And even if you light a bonfire outdoors, away from people, don’t mosh around it, because you know what that attracts: erotic teenage vampires. 

[via Rockfeed]

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