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Dillinger Escape Plan Fan Fills in for Greg Puciato At GWAR-B-Q


This past weekend was the seventh annual GWAR-B-Q, a celebration of all things sweaty, gross, and drunkenly covered in foam rubber in Richmond, VA. Among the bands set to play the fest were mathcore powerhouse The Dillinger Escape Plan, but sadly frontman Greg Puciato’s flight from LA to Virginia was cancelled, so the band’s set was scheduled to be an instrumental one. But this is Dillinger here, so of course it couldn’t be that simple.

First, Bruce Lamont, saxophonist for Brain Tentacles, came onstage and played some of Puciato’s vocal parts on his sax. And then the band pulled fan Dylan Lawson onstage and had him perform vocals for “Lost My Bet” and “Sunshine the Werewolf.”

According to YouTuber Dakota Trimm, here’s how it went down:

“My buddy Dylan utilized the back of his ticket by writing on it saying, ‘Let me do a song with you, I know them all!’ and held it up. The band OK’d it and he hopped the fence to get on stage. Some of security tried to remove him until Liam [Wilson, bass] got after them.”

Fucking cool! Few bands would pull a random fan onstage to play (and you can hear on the video below that they’re a little wary–“Do you know how to do this?”). Good for DEP, lucky for Lawson.

Check out some video of Lawson’s bright and beautiful moment below. Sadly, the Dillinger Escape Plan are taking a long if not permanent break soon, so try to see them while you can.

[via Metal Hammer]

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