The Acacia Strain Have No Idea What’s Going on with Born of Osiris’ Lee McKinney


Earlier today, I wrote a funny piece about Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney picking a fight with Acacia Strain frontman Vincent Bennett on Twitter. We joked about how it must be a publicity stunt used to announce an upcoming tour.

But we just got an e-mail from Acacia Strain guitarist Devin Shidaker, and not only do TAS not have any touring plans with Born of Osiris, they don’t have any beef with the band, either. More so, if this is a joke, they’re not in on it:

“Since you guys (along with everybody else) have already posted about it, I guess I should fill you in on what’s happening between our band and Born of Osiris… Nothing. There is no tour being worked on, and none of us have talked to anybody in that band since Summer Slaughter last year. All of this internet drama from Lee was unprovoked and came out of nowhere. Nobody in our band cares and we don’t know what his problem is. All I do know (according to people that are on tour with them right now) is that he was hammered last night. Drinking and tweeting are a bad combo.

“We all have day jobs, mortgages, and families; we don’t want to have to deal with some turd whose insecurities come out on Twitter when he gets wasted.”

Yeesh. When we thought these tweets were a joke, they were funny. Now that we know they weren’t, they’re kind of sad. All the fat jokes, the MMA reference… it’s a bad look for McKinney, to be sure.

More as it comes. Meanwhile, we urge everyone out there to stay off social media when they’ve had a few.

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