Dave Mustaine: Least Self-Aware Man Alive


It’s pretty obvious why Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is hard to work with–he’s a mean, homophobicbackstabbing, buck-passing, attention-hungry conspiracy nutbar who lets his personal beliefs get in the way of cool metal.

And while we already knew he was totally clueless, he recently took a moment to remind us. In a recent interview with 97X in Davenport, IA, Dave said the following:

“…part of the reason that I’m difficult, I think, to work with is because I demand the best that I can possibly do myself, and I think that when you do that, you kind of sometimes tend to expect that from others. I know that a lot of times, when I say ‘no’ to people, they take it wrong. It’s not like I’m saying, ‘No. Hey, hit the road.’ It’s something more along the lines [of], ‘No, I think maybe there’s something better,’ or, ‘Maybe not right now’ — that kind of thing.

“But a lot of times, people, they don’t like rejection. I certainly don’t like rejection. I don’t know; maybe that’s something that’s cool with you guys, but it’s not for me. So when I say ‘no’ a lot of times, people get mad. I remember the first time I had asked a girl to dance in high school and she said ‘no’ to me, I thought, ‘I’m gonna tell everybody what you are.’”


Okay, first: you got rejected by a girl in high school, and your first response was, I’m gonna tell everybody what you are? What was she, Dave? There’s a word for guys like that: CREEPS. You’re a grown-up now, so hopefully you’ve gotten over that kind of behavior, but hey, we’re not positive.

But second, as we pointed out earlier in this piece, it seems like you have no control over who gets to work with you or not! You’re always blaming management or contract issues on why people leave or don’t rejoin your band. But suddenly, now, it’s because of your high standards?

You can’t shirk responsibility and claim everyone else can’t take how picky you are, dude. You’re a pain in the butt because you’re a pain in the butt, end of story.


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