One Slipknot Fan Actually Likes Corey Taylor’s New Mask, and the Reason Why is Incredibly Moving


Corey Taylor’s new mask design, which he worked on with acclaimed horror make-up artist Tom Savini, has come under intense fire from Slipknot fans since its unveiling last month, even sparking a series of memes poking fun at it.

But there is at least one fan who really, really digs it, and his reason why is incredibly moving. In a Reddit thread posted yesterday, the fan explained that the mask closely resembles one he had to wear for nearly two years as a young child after suffering massive burns to his face, and that as such he views Corey’s new mask as “a massive image of character change and reformation.” You should really read the entire post, and while it’s tough to get through — the physical and psychological anguish he suffered aren’t pretty — it’ll give you a newfound appreciation for all the things you have in life.

Corey himself, the mensch that he is, caught wind of the post and shared it on Twitter, saying he felt “humbled” by the story while backing the fan’s assessment. You can read everything below.

Coreys mask – not what youre thinking. from r/Slipknot

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