Flaw Plagiarized Even More Songs From a Different Artist!


Update, 3:59pm EDT: The PRP points out that Flaw have a confirmed history of paying YouTube artists to use their songs or song ideas. YouTuber Riff Master T commented on his own video, in response to a viewer question, that his 2015 song “Nu Metal Instrumental 2″ was purchased by Flaw and re-worked into the song “Conquer This Limb,” also from their latest album. So it is entirely possibly Flaw purchased the rights to all of the songs in question, although such a practice would carry its own issues. The band has still not returned our request for comment this morning.

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Another day, another article about Flaw blatantly plagiarizing other artists. For those keeping track, this is the third post we’ve published on the matter following the initial story that one song had been stolen and yesterday’s revelation that it wasn’t an isolated incident.

Flaw’s plagiarism has now expanded beyond ripping off YouTuber Douglas Patrick, from whom the two previous songs were lifted. The latest batch — which includes two songs so far, and who knows how many more? — finds the down and out nu-metal band stealing riffs wholesale from an artist known as Sound for Production, who, as best as I can tell, is a collective that writes songs in a number of different styles for use in films, TV shows, etc…. only we’re guessing Flaw didn’t lawfully license those rights.

Using Shazam to identify similar passages, an anonymous MetalSucks reader was able to sleuth out two stolen songs. The first of those, Flaw’s “Sign of the Times,” has several passages lifted directly from Sound for Production’s “Intensity Metal Signal,” featuring Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil. The similarities are obvious, and you can compare both below:

But wait! There’s more! Flaw also stole Sound for Production’s “Electro Metal Trailer” (again featuring Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil) for their song “On Your Feet.” There is no chance these similarities were simply a coincidence or that Flaw’s work may have been “inspired by” the artist — the ideas were very obviously stolen outright, with little to no effort made to modify them. Listen and compare:

So: what next? Flaw’s latest album, Vol IV Because of the Brave, has ten tracks, and four have already been outed as stolen. Only six to go! Can MetalSucks readers put it all together with some down and dirty detective work? Flaw’s M.O. seems to be stealing song ideas from obscure internet artists in hopes no one will notice… except this is 2019, and that kind of behavior doesn’t fly.

Meanwhile, Flaw vocalist Christopher Volz, who was very apologetic after the first instance of plagiarism while shifting blame to another band member he refused to name, has been noticeably quiet lately. Where you at now, Chris? Who is the member? Reveal all. It’s the least you can do after such a blatantly disrespectful act of calculated, chronic theft.

MetalSucks reached out to Flaw for comment but we have not heard back as of the time this post was published despite the Facebook message status showing as “seen.”

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