Mr. Trapt is Defending Pedophiles Now, Suspended from Twitter


Just when you think it can’t get any worse, and that we’ve finally heard the last of Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown’s inane internet ramblings… he’s baaaack! This time with comments defending pedophilia, resulting in a suspension from Twitter.

Trapt have spent years in relative obscurity, best known for their 2002 hit, “Headstrong.” But the group once again made headlines this year when Brown went on a pro-Trump Twitter tirade at the start of the pandemic lockdown.

That tirade drew the ire of a number of notable musicians, including Power Trip’s Riley GaleBody Count’s Ice-TAtilla’s Chris Fronzak, and Danny Diablo, as well as members of Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, and I Prevail (even Phil Labonte doesn’t have this dude’s back). Brown subsequently claimed he was being bullied.

Brown went on to make anti-Semitic comments and blame George Floyd for his own death.

More recently, his endorsement of the far-right, neo-fascist, male-only organization known as the Proud Boys led to a ban on Facebook and then Instagram.

Brown’s most recent exchange, posted on December 6 under Trapt’s official Twitter account, his preferred medium, saw the frontman defend a hypothetical 25-year-old female teacher who sleeps with a male 15-year-old. Brown claimed that such a relationship is “not pedophilia,” saying “I would be giving the kid high fives!” and seemingly holding a double-standard if the roles were reversed. Brown went on to say he was “done with adolescents [sic]” when he was 15, suggesting that at that age he was a fully formed adult, and implying he slept with older women at that age due to his developed sexual prowess.

As some point within the past 24 hours, Trapt’s Twitter account was suspended. A current message on the account’s main profile page reads simply, “Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.”

Screen shots of Brown’s tweets follow (the exact order isn’t clear since we can’t cross-reference the screen shots with Twitter timestamps due to the account’s suspension):

Brown could not be reached for comment on account of all of his major social media profiles having been suspended. MetalSucks did not attempt to reach him on his newest platform of choice, the conservative social media outlet Parler.

In July, the band’s new album, Shadow Work, sold 600 copies in its first week of release. A music video director, who claims the band owes him $4,000, has been invited to bring the case onto Judge Judy.

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