Doja Cat Left Apologetic Voice Messages for Plini After MTV Song Theft Mishap


Instrumental metal savant Plini received a bit of a surprise last month when pop star Doja Cat utilized a sample of one of his songs during a live performance without the guitarist’s knowledge. The incident caused quite a kerfuffle throughout the metalsphere but Plini was a good sport about it, and he eventually updated his fans that it was “being sorted,” indicating he was in touch with Doja Cat (or her handlers) in an effort to work it out.

Now we have some news on how the reconciliation went down: Doja Cat reached out directly to Plini and left him a series of voice messages via DM on social media! He explains, “The best part of all this is that I woke up one day with a string of voice messages from her in my DMs, saying sorry and that she wished she’d known about all of this and wished they could have credited me properly, and also praising my song and thanking me for being nice about it.”

Plini told Music Radar that despite how it all went down — he blamed the theft on the performance director, not Doja Cat herself — he’s “pretty much stoked” on the resolution, likely amped on the popularity bounce he received. He added that the whole situation was ​“the number one strangest thing” that’s happened in his career so far. ​“Life is so fucking weird. As far as I’m concerned it’s a great story.”

What I’m dying to know is this: did Plini receive any monetary compensation? Some kind of cut-in on the YouTube clip’s ad revenue, perhaps? Considerations in the form of a future guest spot? I need to know!

You can watch the now infamous performance, which took place at the MTV Electronic Music Awards, below.

[via Kerrang!]

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