Evanescence Premiere New Track “Better Without You”

  • Axl Rosenberg

We are exactly three weeks away from the release The Bitter Truth, Evanescence’s first album of new material in nearly a decade.

Are Evanescence fans excited? I suspect so, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t know any.

Am I excited? Much to my surprise, I am!

Because at one point the plan was to release that album’s twelve tracks piecemeal over the course of 2020, the just-released “Better Without You” is actually the fifth single from the album — after  “Wasted on You,” “The Game is Over,” “Use My Voice,” and “Yeah Right” — to be released… and they’ve all been good! “Better Without You” is as annoyingly catchy as its predecessors. Like, if you look up “hook” in the dictionary, you’ll get a link to these songs.

My point being, unless the other seven cuts on the album are total dog shit — which seems highly unlikely — The Bitter Truth is gonna be a pop-metal blast. And I say this as someone who has not always appreciated Evanescence in the past.

As for the subject matter of “Better Without You”… like “Yeah Right,” it seems focused on the ills of the music biz (“I’ll do you a favor and save you if you sign on the line/ Don’t worry your pretty little head about the future, it’s all fine”), and like “Use My Voice,” it offers commentary on misogyny (“This is my world little girl, you’ve been lost on your own”), and like all the songs, it’s ultimately a call to action (“Just waiting and hating ain’t saving the world”) and an anthem about triumphing over adversity (“It makes me smile to know that I’m better without you”). All good things!

Check out “Better Without You” below. The Bitter Truth comes out March 26 on BMG. Pre-order/pre-save it here.

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