Royal Blood Will Get Your Rump Shaking with “Boilermaker”


So far in 2021 I’ve found myself gravitating towards music that’s less brutal and more song-based, the bluesier the better. I won’t call it “hard rock” because that term has specific connotations tied the radio and red states, and this is not that at all. Stuff like ’68, Holy Wars, and today’s subjects, Royal Blood, are what I’m digging on the most. Am I growing soft in my old age? Perhaps. Sorry if that bums you out!

Royal Blood’s latest, “Boilermaker,” is no less catchy or danceable than the previous two singles from their forthcoming album, “Typhoon” and “Limbo.” Dudes know their way around a hook, a groove, and yes, a riff, and I’ve yet to dislike anything I’ve ever heard from ’em. I have a feeling their upcoming album will be making it onto my short-list for year-end lists.

Give “Boilermaker” a shake below. The new album, Typhoons, comes out April 30; pre-order here.

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