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Civil Rights Activist Ted Nugent Defends the MyPillow Guy, Alleges “Satanic” Democrats Are in Favor of Stabbing Children

  • Axl Rosenberg

Noted civil rights activist Pastor Dr. Theodore Nugent, PhD has come to the defense of MyPillow CEO and great American patriot Mike Lindell.

Lindell is currently under fire by evil, freedom-hatin’ liberals who unpatriotically took offense to the CEO both lying about Joe Biden stealing the election and suggesting that Donald Trump utilize martial law to remain in office.

The especially immoral Dominion Voting Systems, who make the voting machines used in some states, have even filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit again Lindell, just because he’s been going around saying their machines fraudulently tallied votes for Biden without providing any evidence to back up his claim. THE NERVE OF THESE PEOPLE!

(In response, Lindell is countersuing Dominion for $1.6 billion. HA! Take that, Dominion!!!)

Pastor Dr. Nugent addressed the controversy during his most recent sermon on Facebook Live, one of many mainstream media conglomerates that has sought to suppress the good doctor by allowing him to use their platform pretty much without restriction:

“It’s truth, logic, common sense. And I know I regurgitate that non-stop for at least 50 years, and I know that’s why we connect, ’cause I know a lot of you can’t say it or you’ll get fired. Look at what they’re doing to Mike Lindell. The H-E-B supermarkets, the Target stores, Walmart, Kroger, Starbucks, Bed, Bath & Beyond literally threw out that great entrepreneur Mike Lindell of MyPillow, who’s in the asset column, creating thousands of jobs [and] quality products. And Delta and Coca-Cola and H-E-B and Kroger and Disney and Target — Target supports the people who burnt down their stores but not a great entrepreneur like Mike Lindell who asked legitimate questions about the 2020 election. Asking legitimate questions about whether the mask works, even though that lying piece of shit Fauci said you don’t need ’em on Monday, but on Wednesday you need ’em, but you don’t need ’em on Thursday, but for the weekend you’ve gotta wear two of ’em. What a prick. What a lying, genocidal, criminal, Satanic prick. Who would listen to Fauci?”

Man, I sure wish Ted Nugent would come visit my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I sure wish he would come visit and speak truth to all these idiots that are listening to Fauci. I wish he would come visit my neighborhood in his confederate flag shirt, walk right down Biggie Way, get real close to people while not wearing a mask, and tell them the election was stolen and Fauci is a criminal and Ted Nugent isn’t racist. While he’s here, he could also speak to “homeless dirtbags” and tell them to shape up, too. I would happily pay for his airfare and hotel accommodations to see that happen.

Speaking of Satanic pricks: the most shocking part of Pastor Dr. Nugent’s sermon is the news that apparently the Democrats are now actively endorsing child-on-child violence.

“America, it’s the last hope, and we’re slipping dangerously over the edge of Marxism, thanks to the glaring criminality in our government. The viciousness, the cruelty, the hate, the lies, the Satanic horror that is the media, celebrating that children should be able to play on the street and stab each other. That’s what the Democrats believe. They said it — they said it on CNN and MSNBC; they said it: ‘You shouldn’t interfere when children are stabbing each other. It’s just what they do.’ Satan. They’ve gotta be the Satan gang. Only Satan would say, ‘Yeah, children stabbing each other is like playing hockey.’”

Now, I can’t find any record whatsoever on CNN, MSNBC, or Google that any Democrat has said anything even remotely like what Pastor Dr. Nugent claims they said. I even poked around Breitbart, and couldn’t find anything there, either.

But I believe Pastor Dr. Nugent for the same reason I believe Lindell when he makes allegations without any evidence: because if he’s right then nothing will ever change and no matter how shitty my own life gets there will always be a class of people below me. And what is America about if not the self-esteem of white men, anyway???

You can watch Pastor Dr. Nugent’s sermon below.

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