Jeremy Spencer’s New Band Will Take ANOTHER Mulligan

  • Axl Rosenberg

This is gonna sound like a joke I’m making up, but I swear it’s for really real: former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer is rebooting his post-FFDP band for the second time in less than eighteen months.

Funnier/more baffling still, Spencer is reportedly planning to release NINE new albums with this version of the project.

Once known as Psychosexual, the band released their debut album, Torch the Faith, in 2020. Less than a year later, Spencer basically had the album pulled from pretty much everywhere and re-launched the band with a pair of new singles.

Now we’re told the band has changed their name to Psycho Synner. Similarly, Spencer, once known within the band as Devil Daddy, now asks that we refer to him as Grym Synner (Axl Rose was apparently highly influential vis-à-vis the spelling). I’m probably just gonna keep calling him Jeremy Spencer for now, though, because give me a fucking break.

Spencyr (there, I compromised) explains this Airplane!-level of silliness to Noisycable thusly:

“I chose [the name Psychosexual] because the song’s lyrics were primarily sex-oriented. So, when I formed a new rock band, I kept that name. However, once the new music became guitar-centric, it took on a more sinister style–less about sex and partying.”

“Psycho Synner is a perfect fit for the band’s heavier musical profile. And, as a result, I’ve chosen the character name, Grym Synner. The upcoming simultaneous release of nine albums is not only revolutionary in itself, but each one perfectly encapsulates the band’s changing musical landscape. Something for everyone!  And, I mean that in the best sense. Hardcore rockers and heavy metal fans will find exactly what they like and who we’ve come to be.”

Did anyone care about Psychosexual? I’m assuming the answer is “no,” because if the answer was “yes,” Spencyr wouldn’t change the name. There’s a sense in which a below-the-radar band can probably do as much rebranding as they like. If they were some local band of kids just starting out, y’know, whatever, no big whoop.

Except this isn’t the creative growing pains of a young local band. Spencyr put a lot of money and work into getting Psychosexual out into the world. So the constant “No-wait-nevermind-actually-try-this-instead” mentality feels like flailing. In my cynical imaginings, once a year Spencyr is all “Oh shit this isn’t taking off the way I hope it would I better do something extreme to make sure people pay attention.” The fact that each “new” iteration of the band sounds more and more like Five Finger Death Punch only bolsters my skepticism regarding Spencyr’s motivations.

Regardless of what’s actually going on behind-the-scenes and whether Spencyr’s motivations are truly artistic or simply business-minded, this is incredibly weird. Imagine if Metallica had released Kill ‘Em All and then a few months later been like “Ha ha just kidding doesn’t count,” and then a few months after that said “Also call us Poopie and the Poppers from now on” and, oh right I somehow keep forgetting, then RELEASED NINE ALBUMS AT ONCE. (Which is two more albums than Lordi are about to release… why is it only terrible bands put out a ton of shit all at the same time? Wait, I just answered my question.)

We don’t know what those nine albums are called or when they’re due to be released. But we do know if you like this shit, you should probably buy a copy as soon as they go on sale. ‘Cause we’re pretty sure by this time next year, after Psycho Synner becomes Cyko Svnbathing, they won’t be available anymore.

Jeremy Spencer’s Psycho Synner né Sexual featuring Jeremy Spencer as Grym Synner né Devil Daddy’s new single, “On Your Grave,” is available via the below Affliction commercial music video about sublimated homosexual urges.

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