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Failure Are Removing Their Music From Spotify: “It’s Been a Scam for Artists Since the Beginning”


It was only November that alt-rockers Failure announced their new album and dropped its first single. But now, you’ll only be able to find that album on their Bandcamp, as it looks like Failure are joining the ranks of artists who are removing their music from streaming service Spotify.

For those of you who haven’t been refreshing MetalSucks religiously, Spotify has been seeing some market value depletion since Neil Young demanded his music be removed from the streaming giant because he didn’t want to share a platform with podcaster Joe Rogan. Since then, other artists have joined Young in taking their music off the service, and metal frontmen including Disturbed’s David Draiman and ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach have weighed in on the issue. Also Poison’s drummer, weirdly enough!

You can read Failure’s full statement below, but they make an important point: no matter what your political or vaccination stance is, Spotify have been underpaying artists for too long, so this is an obvious move for any band who doesn’t want to be constantly fleeced.

Read it below:

“Failure have wrestled with the question of Spotify and whether to have our newest music, which we control, on the platform. Until now, our ambivalence about Spotify has been based on their draconian royalty calculation which essentially gives artists a microscopic fraction of the money being generated by their music on the platform. We’ve all seen the stories of just how little Spotify pays artists whose product powers their entire business model. It’s been a scam for artists since the beginning, following in the tradition of the major label model which preceded it.

“But artists who want to have their music heard by the most ears possible have had a tough decision to make. Do we give our music to a company that devalues our product to the point where royalty checks from Spotify have become the butt of humorous memes, or do we withhold our music from the platform and supposedly miss out on an ‘entire generation of music listeners?’

“That is exactly where Failure have been since 2015 when we released our first album since reuniting. Acquiescing to the desire for more ear holes. But now, with Spotify’s recent policy shift that allows COVID vaccine misinformation to thrive on their platform, Failure have decided that enough is enough.

“Beyond the moral issues raised by Spotify’s COVID decision, the issue of vaccine misinformation and how it directly affects the current situation in the live music space is simply untenable. Right now, Failure have a 31-date US tour booked for June. The last tour we had booked in 2019 was canceled because of COVID, which was a massive financial blow to the band. The vast majority of venues on our upcoming tour are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test to see our show. We simply cannot square Spotify’s insistence on spreading misinformation about something that directly endangers our band’s supply chain, namely, human beings in a room with big speakers. There are multiple layers, and reasons for our decision, but looking at the capitalistic, free market angle, this band, like any other small business, is cutting ties with a partner that continues to cut into our bottom line. On that level, this problem is really that simple.

“Of course, no system or business is perfect, but we have alternatives to Spotify that allow the band to be compensated in a more sustainable way, and without the need to associate ourselves with dangerous lies about public health policy.

“If you want to buy lossless digital versions of our entire catalogue, we encourage you to purchase our music on Bandcamp: failureband.bandcamp.com

“If you want to stream our music, we continue to offer our music through Apple and other streaming services.

“We encourage other artists who want to be paid better for their music, and who don’t want to be in business with a company who is comfortable jeopardizing the industry to which they owe their entire business model, to join us.



Thanks to Adam for the heads up!

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