Chris Barnes On MetalSucks: “F*** ‘Em”


We can’t see the tweets of founding Cannibal Corpse frontman Chris Barnes, because, well, like so many other members of the metal community, we’ve been blocked by Barnes. Barnes is one of those classic pouters who can dish it out publicly but closely monitors who is allowed to question his batshit opinions. But we have readers who Barnes has yet to block, and they’ve let us know that he apparently thinks very little of MetalSucks. Get in line, pal!

This screenshot, sent to us by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous so they can keep watching Barnes’ Twitter meltdown in real time, shows one of the Six Feet Under vocalist’s fans sending him our recent write-up of a Cannibal Corpse show where the crowd began chanting, “Fuck Chris Barnes!” His response?

Chris Barnes On MetalSucks: “F*** ‘Em”

Aw! Was it something we said?

Do you have that awesome friend who’s a litmus test? Like, if someone else says, I hate that guy about your friend, you know that that person is an asshole, because your pal is the most wonderful human in the world, so hating him just betrays a personal flaw?

Chris Barnes is the reverse of that for us. If Chris Barnes came to our defense and said, ‘I dunno, man, there’s some really good content on that site,’ we’d know we were doing a shitty job. Obviously, this site has burned some bridges over the years, and we’ll contend that some of those fires might have been unfairly stoked, but fuck this dude out loud for hating on the death metal scene when it’s never been radder.

ANYway, feel free to send us screenshots of Chris’ response to this. We always need a good chuckle.

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