Meshuggah Drop New Single “Light the Shortening Fuse”


Last we heard from Swedish brain-pummelers Meshuggah was the release of the gorgeously cinematic video for “The Abysmal Eye,” their first single from their long-anticipated new album Immutable. Now, the band have dropped another single, and it’s definitely a little peppier than its predecessor.

You’ll hear on the new track, “Light the Shortening Fuse,” exactly what some stodgy fans are being dramatic about — and what some, shall we say, pit-centric fans are feeling excited about — when it comes to Immutable. The song still has a beat that you can’t QUITE headbang to, but the riffs are all very groove-chuggy and fat-assed. Things never go full non-Euclidian as the band throb forward steadily, even with the occasional moment of wide-horizon prog influences. It’s not Meshuggah as some old-school fans know them, but it’ll definitely excite those who wish the band would focus more on the punch than the backflip, so to speak.

Check out “Light the Shortening Fuse” below, followed by the album art and tracklisting.

Meshuggah’s Immutable  comes out April 1st via Atomic Fire, and is available for preorder.

According to guitarist Mårten Hagström:

“The title fits perfectly for where we are as a band. We’re older now. Most of us are in our fifties now, and we’ve settled into who we are. Even though we’ve been experimenting all along, I also think we’ve been the same since day one. The way we approach things and why we still make new albums, and why we still sound the way we do, it’s immutable. Humanity is immutable, too. We commit the same mistakes over and over. And we are immutable. We do what we do, and we don’t change.”

Meshuggah’s Immutable:

1. Broken Cog
2. The Abysmal Eye
3. Light The Shortening Fuse
4. Phantoms
5. Ligature Marks
6. God He Sees In Mirrors
7. They Move Below
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Black Cathedral
10. I Am That Thirst
11. The Faultless
12. Armies Of The Preposterous
13. Past Tense

Meshuggah Drop New Single “Light the Shortening Fuse”

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