Trailer: Sharkula Is the Citizen Kane of No-Budget Vampire Shark Movies


As I mentioned during my write-up of Jonathan Davis’ vampiric experience of writing the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, I’m a sucker for vampire shit (ha! Sucker! I didn’t even plan that one!). I also love bad horror movies — but even I have a limit. And that limit, it appears, is Sharkula, the upcoming no-budget vampire shark move from Wild Eye Releasing.

Here’s the synopsis:

The curse of Count Dracula lives on in shark infested waters, claiming the lives of a tourist community. A sea hunt for the new species results in monsters, madness and bloodshed. This great white is putting the bite back into terror, and it has help with the aid of new vampires intent on seeing it survive.

Don’t let the professionally-drawn poster art fool you, friends — this movie looks absolutely unwatchable.

Check out the trailer for Sharkula below. Send us a picture of you dressed as Sharkula this Halloween, and I promise I will post a video where I punch myself in the nuts to the MetalSucks Instagram.

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