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brain drillI’ve never been into Brain Drill before. Not because I actively disliked them or wasn’t interested, but because no one ever sat me down and said, “DUDE, you HAVE to listen to Brain Drill!” But this morning I clicked the linky-dink in a press release announcing the new Brain Drill track “Monumental Failure” currently streaming on the band’s MySpace page, and I’m wondering why the 1’s and 0’s of their 2008 debut Apocalyptic Feasting weren’t nestled neatly betwixt my Obscura and Origin mp3s in the tech death section of my iTunes library. I guess it’s because there are a helluvalotta tech death bands on the radar these days, but Brain Drill fucking kill and are highly worthy of a listen, as I just learned today.

The band limped through some well-documented lineup drama last year (I’m not even sure who’s in the above photo), but they’re currently working on their sophomore effort with a new lineup surrounding bassist Ivan Munguia and drummer Ron Casey. Let’s hope the new record hits by year’s end.


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