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I could be wrong about this, but by my estimation the lads in After the Burial are in their early 20s. This would mean that at the earliest they were born in 1985, the year Nintendo released the NES in America, and at the latest they were born in 1990 (!), the year the Super NES came out. Either way you cut it, the dudes in the band were either toddlers or not even born yet when the NES — and its glorious 8-bit music — was all the rage. And by extension, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to say that most fans of the band are probably around the same age or younger.

Still, some zealous YouTuber managed to turn in a pretty decent 8-bit rendition of Rareform album opener “Berzerker.” I enjoy 8-bit remixes in large part because of the nostalgia factor, but that wouldn’t really explain why a 22 year old would long for something he never actually experienced. I guess there’s the whole mystique of longing for and glorifying an era you just missed, the way ’70s bell bottoms were all the rage when I was in high school and the way today’s Williamsburg hipster college students wear the most ridiculous ’80s clothes imaginable. Whatever the case, it’s a pretty sweet cover; check it below.


Thanks: Spencer Ward

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