Green Eggs and Slam


  • Sergeant D

In my humble opinion, Cephalotripsy’s 2007 LP was and still is the standard by which all other slam is measured. I’ve been waiting for an heir to their seemingly-abandoned throne, and I may have found it in the slamming slamz of INFERTILE SURROGACY. Hailing from the incredibly obscure, klvt Democratic Republic of Congo (does that make them tr00 black metal?? Hay-o!), these guys are vying with CEREBRAL INCUBATION for the title of MOST CRUSHING SLAMZ 2K10.

Perhaps due to an unreliable, third-world internet connection, the gents in Infertile Surrogacy don’t have a lot of news available. Anybody have more detail on this mysterious group of African slammers?? How do you think they stack up to genre titans like Cephalotripsy, Disconformity, and Gorevent????

-Sergeant D.

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