jon leon white wizzardApparently White Wizzard have responded to my humorous post (I made fart jokes fer chrissakes!) about Jon Leon’s public “vocalist wanted” Craigslist ad by putting MS on their shitlist. Which is a perfectly fantastic business decision, seeing as there isn’t a single U.S. metal media outlet (maybe world?) bigger than MetalSucks that’s giving the band as much favorable coverage as we are. Really, I thought Over the Top was quite the solid disc and I said as much many times (including a nod in my mid-year “favorite albums of 2010 so far” list). Sure, I goofed on the details regarding the lineup that recorded that album, but that doesn’t negate everything else I said about the revolving door of musicians to pass through WW’s ranks and what that might imply… I may be “unprofessional” in my journalism, as accused by band mastermind/bassist Jon Leon, but at least I know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

In any case, shitlist or not, the band members of White Wizzard — both former and current — are doing a great job themselves of keeping us up to date on the band happenings… in our own comments section!

Seriously, it’s like a veritable soap opera right here on MS; accusations! backstabbing! drama! booze! wives, children! It’s no holds barred and it’s a free for all, with White Wizzard band members both past and present popping up from all corners to leave comments on this very site. This is professionalism at its finest, folks. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare and are looking for some entertainment, look no further than right here (starting at comment #12).

I’m sure someone is going to accuse me of taking Holy Grail’s side in the WW vs. Holy Grail fracas. Really, I think both bands are dandy; I even said as much all the way back in July of 2009. There’s just no denying that drama seems to surround one band and not the other… so far! Stay tuned.


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