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Ohai there MetalSucks readers! Whoa your wang looks amazing today! Say, do u know about Shit That Comes Out Today, our weekly heavy and hard new releases round-up? U better cuz that’s where every Tuesday u all can jam new jamz from all of metal’s new albums! Yep, just go directly to STCOT, do not pass GO, and click away til your life is a cacophony of presses-hot metal newness destined to rock the rest of your 2012 and beyond.

The next STCOT is a few days away, and as always is packed with exciting new shit to awesomify your work week. But hey it’s Friday so let’s take a wknd dip in the invigorating waters of new metal and wash up on the shores of England and Australia. Here’s a full stream of Indesinence’s Vessels Of Light And Decay (Profound Lore), an ephemeral, arching doom-crush gem. Turn it all the way up:


That was killer, right? Okay great let’s now backstroke south and east to Australia for the atmospheric black metal of Crowned and their forthcoming debut Vacuous Spectral Silence (Seance). In STCOT, we give context to records by placing them “On A Playlist With” a few spiritually/philosophically/cosmetically similar jamz; thusly, Silence would sound great shuffled with Silencing Machine by Nachtmystium, Wodensthrone’s new uber-classic Curse, and … hmm … what else do u get in the mood for when jamming the below jam?

Finally, before u dash off check out Astronoid, a New Hampshire black metalgaze band that I stumbled over en route to other business (read: web order opiates). Question: U ever heard so openly, boldly hooky extreme-blur metal, even moreso than the likes of Alcest and Jesu? Are we evolving past trickling streams and bird whistles adorning our foofy USBM, and heading into Hooksville? If the below 2011 jam is any measure of pop-black metal’s awesomeness, then I am for it! U JAM!



Tune in to Shit That Comes Out Today every Tuesday here at MetalSucks.net! Oh and be sure to bitch in the comments if we don’t spotlight the famous shit that u already know about lol. That’s way more productive than y’know listening to great new shit for free.

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