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Dimebag Honored with Creepy Wax Statue

  • Axl Rosenberg

I thought wax statues were pretty cool when I was nine. I mean, it must take some skill to take wax and turn it into a likeness of a celebrity that’s so realistic that kids, upon seeing photos of it, will momentarily think that’s it’s a photo of the actual celebrity.

But then I turned ten and I realized that wax statues are really just a means of entertainment for the extremely bored and Firehouse fans (actually, the overlap in the Venn diagram between those two groups may be so substantial as to render the need for such a diagram null). And since there are apparently a lot of bored Firehouse fans on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, they actually have a Rock Legend Wax Museum, which you can tell is super-relevant because their landing page plays “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and features a photo of Wax Marilyn Manson, the most popular rock star of 1996.

ANYWAY, in case my headline didn’t tip you off as to where I was going with this, yes, the Rock Legend Wax Museum has now unveiled a wax statue of Dimebag. He joins such fellow wax versions of metal luminaries as James Hetfield, Alice Cooper, and Kiss.

Here are some photos of “Dime” taken by Mandy de Vere, the woman responsible for the statue’s very existence:

DimefullstatueDimebagStatue3 Dimebagstatue-300x225 Dimebagstatue2-300x225

You may be upset that the statue doesn’t actually look all that much like Dime, but given that all the statues in this place look more like the puppets from Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” video than the actual musicians they represent, I’d say he’s one of the more accurate likenesses.

Also, it’s a fucking wax statue in Niagra Falls, so who gives a shit?

[via The Metal Den… thanks to Tom for the tip]

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