Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Starting Monday: MetalSucks Presents The Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket!


Shat Brack Announcement

Let’s face it: some bands don’t deserve to catch as much crap as they do. Maybe they made one bad album somewhere along the way, or dared to change their sound, or perceived as “trendy” or “scene,” or maybe they’re just funny lookin’ — but for whatever reason, members of the metal community LOVE to talk smack on them. And, really, it’s not warranted.

Which band in metal is the least deserving of this constant stream of disrespect? That’s the question the YOU, our beloved readers, will be answering over the course of the next month. Axl and Vince have selected sixty-four of the most commonly shat-upon bands in metal, who will duke it out to decide which one receives the most unfair treatment from extreme music fans (and keep in mind that these are NOT shat-upon not just by MetalSucks– we’ve actually given favorable coverage to some of these groups — but by the metal world at large). And beyond the initial selection of bands, we’re staying out of it. Readers will control who wins each match each day.

So if you’ve ever wanted to stand up for Metallica, Korn, Mötley Crüe, Emmure, Ozzy, or Slipknot — here’s your chance! The matches begin this Monday, July 8.

Check out the full bracket below (click to enlarge):

Shat Bracket

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