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Eluveitie Partners With Honda #random


Eluveite Honda

Since 2007, a sub-brand of a huge car company has sponsored free metal shows and releases, and now its competitor has put their own pedal to the (folk) metal: Honda has forged a new partnership with Swiss octet Eluveitie for some reason. From a band announcement Tuesday:

We are extremely excited to announce a new partnership we could not be happier about: Eluveitie, powered by Honda. Honda builds vehicles that allow us to ride not just in style and comfort, but to also keep the Co2 footprint generated during our extensive travels as small as possible. We can now transport people and equipment as efficiently as never before in our CR-V cars, and our bikers Kay and Patrick can explore the world on the incomparably reliable Crosstourer VFR.

Okay, that just happened lol. Your vibe may be, “Good for them! Pay those bills!” or “They can’t be happier about that? Ugh,” but either way, it’s tough to dispute the tarnish of sales language on an artist’s image. That is, if your business depends on the credibility of your artistic expressions, then you may suffer once your voice is used to communicate the messages of a salesperson. But that’s overthinking it a bit cuz the headscratching part is not Eluveitie’s risk, but Honda’s choice. Are Eluveitie’s fans not so underground as to rankle at their band’s commercialism? Won’t they reject Honda on principle when car shopping? Can an Eluveitie fan afford a car? “Incomparably reliable”??

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