Threatin Bassist Gavin Carney Beaks His Silence: “I Would Work with [Jered] Again, No Problem.”


Threatin bassist Gavin Carney, who stayed behind with Jered Threatin in Europe after guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis quit mid-tour, has finally broken his silence regarding the controversy that has unfolded over the past two weeks. Late last night Carney posted a self-filmed, six-minute video to YouTube, which you can watch below.

The biggest difference between Carney’s video and the interviews with Prunera and Davis is immediately apparent in tone: Carney does not seem convinced that Jered is a con artist and doesn’t seem concerned with all of the press coverage that’s definitively exposed Jered as a fraud. What’s more, it doesn’t even seem as if Carney has bothered to read very much of the extensive information that’s now available, shifting blame from Jered onto the show promoters (who, as we know, were actually just Jered posing as someone else) for the nonexistent audiences the band pulled on tour. Carney veers towards admitting fishy behavior, claiming “I never physically met management or people in charge of marketing, or venues or all that, I never met any of those people,” but he quickly pulls back by with a qualifier, saying “It always felt like there were people overseeing everything. They made calls to management and stuff. It seemed legit,” before explaining that he still had a good time “sightseeing” with Jered and his wife Kelsey after the tour ended and that they’d offered to book him a new flight home if he wanted it.

We also learn that Carney decided to leave Europe a bit earlier than originally planned after all (his family became concerned for him) and that he has high praise for Jered as a musician. The video’s final line is one of its most important: “If everything I’ve been told and experienced with Jered is true, I would work with him again, no problem. I’ve enjoyed my time with him. But if it’s all been a facade I’ll be very distraught and disappointed.” If? Really, Gavin?

In other words: on some level, at least, Carney is still buying into the con. Either that or his allegiance to Jered is so great that he doesn’t care.

Yet another unexpected twist in this increasingly bizarre story.

You can watch the video below. MetalSucks has reached out directly to Carney but has not received a response.


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