Behold: This Beastly 20-String Mountain Dew Guitar!


In keeping with his annual New Year’s tradition of unveiling a new guitar with that year’s number of strings, Jared Dines has now unleashed… wait, no, it’s 2021. Why does this new guitar have a mere 20 strings instead of 21??? I feel bamboozled.

But what Dines’ latest beast lacks in year-based accuracy, thankfully, it makes up for in badassery: this 20-string behemoth, which was built by the Chinese company 10s Custom Guitars, is adorned with the Mountain Dew colors and logo. And you’ll be relieved to know that it djents.

Why Mountain Dew? The story dates back to 2017, when 10s Customs made a guitar for the soft drink company with too many strings to count. Since then, Dines’ fans haven’t stopped tagging him in posts related to the instrument, so he finally made his fans’ dreams a reality with a brand new, custom, 20-string instrument of his own.

Dines offers of his latest monstrosity:

“I figured what better way to stop the thousands of tags, all the time, of ‘Hey Jared, have you seen this picture?’, ‘Hey, have you seen this meme?’ I’ve seen it. Stop tagging me.”

“This has been in the works for over half a year thanks to the wonderful people over at 10S guitars who agreed to help me make this beautiful monster of an instrument. It is fully functional as you can see in the video, sounds great, and definitely djents!”

You can watch the guitar in action below, played flat like a lap steel because of its massive size.

[via Rock Feed]

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