Another Ex-Girlfriend Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Marilyn Manson


A third woman has hit Marilyn Manson with a lawsuit, “claiming he raped her and forced her to watch a gruesome film depicting abuse of a groupie,” Deadline reports.

In the suit, the accuser, identified only as “Jane Doe,” says she dated Manson (né Brian Warner) in 2011. During that time, she claims, Manson showed her a video he kept locked in a safe of a groupie being abused following a 1996 Manson show at the Hollywood Bowl. The video purportedly shows the groupie being threatened with a gun and forced to drink urine. She “may” have been pistol-whipped as well.

The suit further alleges that Manson raped the plaintiff and “subjected [her] to further degrading acts of sexual exploitation, manipulation, and psychological abuse.”

The suit seeks damages and a declaration that Manson broke the law.

You can read the entire lawsuit here. Reps for Manson have not yet publicly responded.

Manson is already being sued by a different ex-girlfriend, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco, and a former assistant, Ashley Walters, for similar accusations.

A flood of charges against Manson began in February, when Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood alleged that Manson “horrifically abused me for years.” She elaborated on those accusations a week later, at which point she also said that Manson’s wife, Lindsay Usich, and someone named Leslee Lane were “conspiring to release photos of me when I was UNDERAGE, after being given large amounts of drugs and alcohol, after Brian performed on Halloween in Las Vegas, to ‘ruin my career’ and ‘shut me up.’”

While Wood has implied in the past that Manson abused her, this was the first time she explicitly named the singer. After that, there was a deluge of similar accusations from other women, including Walters.  Most recently,  Ashley Morgan Smithline, an actress and former model, told People that Manson is the “most terrifying monster in the world.” 

Earlier, a different former assistant claimed that he had seen Manson physically and emotionally abuse Usich.

Manson has called the previous accusations against him “horrible distortions of reality.” But the fallout has already been tremendous, with the singer being dropped by his label, Loma Vistahis agency, CAA, and his manager of 25 years, Tony Ciulla. He was also fired from television roles on the programs American Gods and Creepshow.

Two former Manson collaborators, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor, have both spoken out against the shock rocker. Borland called Manson “a bad fucking guy” and asserted that his victims “are speaking the truth,” while Reznor said that he has “been vocal over the years about my dislike of Manson as a person and cut ties with him nearly 25 years ago.” He also denied, not for the first time, a story from Manson’s memoir, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, in which the singer claims that he and Reznor plied two women with alcohol and then took advantage of them once they were heavily inebriated.

Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya shared an unsettling story about Manson, as did singer/songwriter Phoebe Bridgers. The actor Corey Feldman has also accused Manson of “decades [of] mental and emotional abuse.”

Earlier this week, New Hampshire issued an arrest warrant for Manson, charging the singer with two counts of misdemeanor simple assault related to an incident in which he spit on a videographer during a 2019 show.

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